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whilst in a state of absolute intoxication,
11 March 2030 @ 12:38 am
updated: 04.28.14

formerly tohoginka32 -- proper intro that doesn't celebrate my ability to stray off topic and babble.
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whilst in a state of absolute intoxication,
30 November 2016 @ 04:05 pm
rating: PG
genre: AU
pairing: minseok/suho
length: drabble
word count: ~1.7k wc
summary: in which minseok is a recovering alcoholic.

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a/n: this is pretty tl;dr so feel free to skip. this fic is heavily inspired by shameless, season 7. apart from being in love with lip, i've been kind of in a rut lately. if you've been a long time reader of mine, you'd probably think that i'm out of the fandom by now. you're not totally wrong. one thing i'm still v much in is writing. i'm just stuck, i think. i'm trying to get back into it and i've been working on something monsterous, but it's with original characters. i'm trying my hand at this thing called "originality." i know. i'm insane. that said, any advice on writer's block annihilation will be much appreciated. discussions in the comment section is welcome. i'll be around. c"
whilst in a state of absolute intoxication,
Getting this out of the way because I am excited about this project and would love for you all to join me.

It's called Just The Mouth. And it goes a little something like this:

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O T H E R  S T U F F
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